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A Community-Based Approach for Serving New American Families

The refugees and immigrants who settle in Central Minnesota arrive from countries of violence and discrimination. Most are war or economic refugees. They hold within their hearts dreams for themselves and their children, and work hard to make their new home a safe and prosperous place for their families.

By coming to Central Minnesota, they did what courageous people have done for thousands of years: they sacrificed their dreams of living in the land of their ancestors and moved their spouses and children to America, away from violence and poverty.


Hands Across the World offers a place of safety. It is a place where hope lives. Where nightmares fade and where, once again, dreaming begins.

We offer the following programs

  • ESL Adult Education (online and in person)

  • Early Childhood Education (online)

  • School System

  • We Team Up

    • Small Business Coaching

    • Career Consulting

    • Resume Building  

    • Job Training

  • Citizenship and Civics

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Online Computer Class

  • Mathematics

  • Parenting Education  

  • After School Program - "Learning Together"

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