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Multilingual Adult Program


Adult Basic Education

We offer four levels of English language classes (ESL - English as a Second Language) that are integrated with life skill components.We make sure to integrate important life skills and topics into our classes, including language, mathematics, job readiness, "Life in America,” nutrition and health wellness, and basic computer and art skills.  Certificates are provided for completion of industrial sewing, early childhood education, janitorial and basic OSHA.

*Population served from 2003-2018: 4,282 adult refugees, 425 adult immigrants.

Citizenship and Civics

An instructor provides students with the opportunity to prepare for and pass the Citizenship test. Through the civics sessions, the students learn about the history of our country, how our political system works and its importance in their role as active volunteers and social responsible community members. They also learn the responsibilities and obligations that come with being an American citizen. *From 2007- 2018 over 350 students became American citizens!

Arts & Crafts

Once a week, community members and our students have the opportunity to interact while building community relationships through a common interest in sewing or cultural arts and crafts.

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