Early Childhood Education

ESL Early Childhood Education

We engage the infant and preschool children of our adult ESL students with a program that includes learning basic commands in English and their first exposure to the English language. We invite college students from the Communication Disorders class to read and play with our children.  This prepares them for kindergarten and promotes a healthy social and emotional well-being. 

Basic Childcare Training

In collaboration with experts in Early Childhood Education, we designed our own curriculum, educate  and inform adult students interested in seeking employment in child care centers or establishing their own licensed home daycare. In the past years, 114 women between 2007- 2019 have become certified as Early Childhood Home Providers.  The public school system and Early Childhood centers had hiring our trainees based on their good skills training and ability to communicate with the children, parents and staff.

School System

We provide an extended description of the school system in America: how Americans communicate with the schools, their teachers, and how parents participate in the school’s activities and programs. This information is essential so that the children of our adult students have the resources to thrive within the public-school system.


Parenting Class “Learning Together”

The Hands Across the World comprehensive and responsive curriculum develops and implements the skills that will equipped new American parents with the knowledge to support

their children’s development and education at home and in   school. 

After School Program: Leading and Learning Together

Hands Across the World collaborates with St. Cloud School District 742 and United Way in a community initiative called "Partners for Student Success." The mission for this program is "to prepare all learners in partnership with their families and community to live and contribute within a changing and diverse world." Parents and their children are invited to come after school to continue their education with one-on-one tutoring.

"Our tutoring program is aimed at helping the children of our adult students develop social emotional skills as positive identity and academic success toward a lifelong learning."  In our program, Kindergarten through Eight grade students focus on academic Math and English literacy.


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