Leading and Learning After School Program

Free After School Program
for Reading and Mathematics K-12 


Cafeteria Peace Hall at

Bethlehem Lutheran Church

3130 Cty Road 137-St. Cloud, MN  56301


Tuesdays & Thursdays
5:30 PM –7:30 PM

Text or call Teacher Maha: (320) 223-5260

Maha - Program Lead Teacher 

Fun learning videos for children


At Leading & Learning Together, our mission is to provide students with the resources they need to succeed in school and ultimately, in life.

Hands Across the World collaborates with St. Cloud School District 742 and United Way in a community initiative called "Partners for Student Success." The mission for this program is "to prepare all learners in partnership with their families and community to live and contribute within a changing and diverse world." Parents and their children are invited to come after school to continue their education with one-on-one tutoring.

"Our tutoring program is aimed at helping the children of our adult students develop social emotional skills as positive identity and academic success toward a lifelong learning."  In our program, Kindergarten through Eight grade students focus on academic Math and English literacy.


- Communicate effectively in diverse environments 

- Assume share responsibility for collaborative work,

and value individual contributions  made by others

- Utilize time and manage workload efficiently

- Become a self-directed learner

- Demonstrate commitment to learning

as a lifelong process

- Think and work creatively. Develop, implement and

communicate new ideas with others.

- Learn from and work collaboratively with others

representing diverse cultures

- Assume responsibility for homework and projects

At Leading & Learning, our college tutors utilize different teaching approaches and determine which one works best for your child.

The purpose of our reading program is to increase understanding and critical thinking to develop confidence and test-taking skills. As well as future leaders.

We test student’s multiple times from the beginning of the tutoring experience with administered, real practice tests. Practicing on real tests is not only the best way to improve scores, but also the best way to reduce any anxiety on the actual test day. We also update parents with the results from the practice tests, so they can monitor their student’s progress.