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Please text or call Brianda 

(320) 260-1072


How do I find a volunteer opportunity ?

To find a volunteer opportunity at HAW, you must contact: Brianda info@handsacrosstheworldmn.org or

text 320.260.1072 and complete the required      application form. Information, this is critical as a first step to notify HWA of your interest. HWA will contact you about their volunteer opportunity.

Finding a volunteer opportunity for kids or teenagers ?

HAW  has thousands of volunteer opportunities for people of all ages. To find an opportunity for kids or teenagers, you must contact/call Brianda Cediel info@handsacrosstheworldmn.org or 320.260.1072 and complete the required application form.


How do I find a group or family volunteer opportunity ?

At Hands Across the World we love to have families working as volunteers. Please contact Brianda Cediel at 320.260.1072 or info@handsacrosstheworldmn.org.

Is there a media communication volunteer opportunity? 

Yes, we always need college interns helping to keep up with our social media.