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501(c)3 nonprofit grass roots organization
Hands Across the World (HAW) is a 5O1(c)3 non-profit learning community education program serving new members, so they can thrive in our One World.

Very often, the Hands Across The World classroom is the first formal learning environment that students have attended. Adults learn four communication skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. These skills better equipped to communicate with others, continue their education and secure employment. Parents are welcome to bring their pre-school children. In a separate room we offer an ESL Early Childhood program to the children. In the afternoon we invite our student's children to the after school program, which helps them with their Math and English literacy. We motivate our students to work on their GED or the Diploma Program, and to advance toward a technical or college education.

Our Mission 

To provide a first learning experience to newly arrived immigrants and refugees who do not have the language or living skills to thrive in our community. We help both children and parents acquire the tools needed to become integrated citizens of Central Minnesota.

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